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Close protection

Close protection

Recruiting a close protection officer is not a common thing. After a first appointment, we will define the level of protection needed in the following situations :

  • Public
  • Private
  • Trips
  • Diplomatic
  • Industrial


During your events, whether they take place in a commercial, industrial or private setting, we can :

  • Provide you with a discreet and professional team
  • Take care of your speakers and guests

Your residence

Your private or vacation home is a precious thing. An intrusion problem is not an option. This would upset your daily life or the one of your family, which could live it as a deep trauma.

We can encompass your protection 24/7 with a physical presence that will remain discreet and available.


During your stays in some European and African countries, the geopolitical situation is likely to evolve very quickly. Furthermore, robberies and scams are sometimes too present and of a rare intensity. That is why it may be necessary to program a security that can be :

  • Individual
  • For the family
  • With or without a vehicle
  • Armed or unarmed (contact us for conditions)

Our close protection services

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The African continent

With several convincing experiences in Africa, Profile Risk Protection is able to support you for your professional and personal projects on this beautiful continent. It is always a real exciting challenge because each country has different geopolitical situations and commercial strategies.

Vue aérienne de l'Afrique, de nuit
Le fondateur de Profile Risk Protection

Trained in one of the best centers in England, I perfected my knowledge during my time in the Balkans, I am a former protection officer of a Gulf Embassy in Paris, with extensive experience acquired during commitments on diplomatic protocols, international and industrial missions both in Europe and in Africa.

With PROFILE RISK PROTECTION, my goal is to provide the right officer or team to the people who value the safety of their family, their home and their belongings. I am attentive to all your information that I will adapt on a case by case basis to your personal, organizational or individual needs.

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